L♠♠♠ P♠♠♠

Exklusive Künstler

L♠♠♠ P♠♠♠ is a stylish and chic International singer, model, bon vivant & muse  – straight out of a Tim Walker fashion editorial. The often strange, romantic and compelling character of Le Pustra is based on Commedia dell’Arte’s â Pierrotâ and inspired by the haunting and Gothic world of Tim Burton, 1970’s Glamrock, Haute Couture and Silent Films or flickers (as they were known) especially by Georges M’s. Artistic movements such as Rococo and Art Deco and elments of Opera, Ballet, Kabuki and German Kabarett can also be found in L♠♠♠ P♠♠♠s work. Performers/Artists such as Klaus Nomi, David Bowie, Leigh Bowery, Sebastian Droste, Marlene Dietrich and Charlie Chaplin feature as a source of inspiration for the artist’s highly distinctive styling, sought after look and theatrical vision which evokes a decadent dreamlike world of melancholia and sepia-tinted vignettes, inspiring other artists and eccentrics alike.

Artist Facts:

Artist-ID: E102 Berlin Exklusive Künstler Booking