L♠♠♠ V♠♠♠ V♠♠♠



Queen of the Quiver V♠♠♠ is known across the globe for her ground shaking shimmy and striking stage presence, said to be a vision of golden age burlesque brought to life before your very eyes. V♠♠♠  is also renowned for her high profile productions; Sunday Soiree(Berlin), Brisbane’s VIXEN – Burlesque Dance Party, festival show The BIG Burlesque Show and is the owner/director of the largest burlesque school on Australias east coast; The Bombshell Burlesque and Beauty Academy where she teaches a variety of burlesque and vintage beauty techniques. She has carved herself quite the reputation as a unique strip-artiste. Viola’s impeccable sense of theatricality and captivating command of old school burly-q and classic showgirl dance styles sees her at the forefront of Australia’s burlesque comeback.

Artist Facts:

Artist-ID: P115 Deutschland / Germany  Burlesque Booking