L. D-L. (Burlesque Performer)



With her copper curls and ivory skin, hourglass figure and couture heels, L. D-L. oozes the intriguing eroticism and glamour of Golden Age, and mesmerized audiences on the most prestigious stages of Paris. Having a background in Arts and a passion for femininity, she is fascinated with symbolism, Art Nouveau, and the creatures painted by Cranach the Elder, Gustav Klimt or Bruno Schulz. Drawing her inspiration from vintage eroticism, cinema, early fetishism, and her own  ideal of a glamour strip-tease, she will have you under her spell with her playful and naughty yet classy ‘Jeu de séduction’. A vintage beauty advocating french elegance, she always raises her standards of sophistication when creating new acts, with lavish costumes reminiscent of a by gone era. Just have a glass of champagne : come and join the foxy L. D-L. in her world of fantasy and refined eroticism!

Artist Facts:

Artist-ID: P120 Frankreich / France  Burlesque Booking